Should I Learn Japanese Before Coming to Japan?

So you’ve decided that maybe you’d like to take a trip to Japan. The question comes up….

“Should I Learn Japanese Before Coming to Japan?”

The answer is, surprisingly, No. You don’t.

I know, right? “What? Then what are we doing here?”

It would be possible to get around and get yourself fed, and in relative safety, without knowing a single tiny shred of Japanese. There is enough English on signs, etc. to get you by.

No, really. Its quite possible.

However, to do so would be limiting yourself. A lot.

If you only look at the English signs, you’re going to be missing out on so much. Stores and restaurants that you might not even know where there. A simple smile from a shopkeeper or local as you ask a question or are able to answer them in rudimentary Japanese. Knowing the difference between mens and womens public baths(!)….

Just imagine the things you’ll find, the food you’ll eat, and the memories you’ll have if you know even a little bit of Japanese on the ground.

So where to start?

On this site, I’ll be going over everything from the absolute basics: greetings, counting, please/thanks/yes/no, ordering, transport… Plus a lot more should you “get the bug” and are interested in learning more. I’ll link to some of those pages from here once they’re published.

Take the train ticket pictured above. In a later post, I’ll go over all of the information contained on it, and with that you’ll be able to figure out what exactly its for and where you’re going.

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