Japanese Sign at Enoshima Jinja

Every so often I’m going to go through my photos and find just a random sign that I’ll attempt to translate. Mainly as an exercise for myself (sorry!) but also as a way to show the types of signage you might come across, and why it might help to be able to read some of it at least. This sign I shot at Enoshima Jinja on Enoshima in Kanagawa, in 2016. The first thing you’ll …

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Japanese Warning Signs: Watch Your Fingers!

Japanese Warning Sign: Watch Your Fingers

I took this picture of a Japanese warning sign in an elevator a few years ago. I thought it was kind of humorous with the fingers getting munched and the tearful face. WATCH YOUR FINGERS Actually the text reads: ドアにちゅうい or “Mind the door!” Pronounced “doh-ah ee chooo-eee” with a slightly longer “ooo” sound than usual. Which is also re-iterated in the text below, only in kanji this time: 注意 This has several different translations …

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