Counting in Japanese Part 2: Hundreds and Thousands

10,000 yen note

In Counting in Japanese Part 1, we talked about the Japanese kanji for the numbers 0-10, and when you are likely to encounter them. In this part, we look at the multipliers, 100, 1000, and 10,000. We’ll touch on the big one, 100,000,000, at the end for just a bit. Lets just throw these out there first, and then talk about them. 100 – 百 – hyaku (hiyakoo) 1,000 – 千 – sen (sehn) 10,000 …

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Counting in Japanese Part 1: 1-10

Alright, so here’s the scoop on numbers and counting in Japanese. This is part one where we’ll go over counting from one to ten, including zero. For most purposes, “normal” Arabic numerals are used pretty much everywhere. Whether its refering to times, or prices, or well, pretty much everything. The Japanese have adopted the “western” use of Arabic numbers and that makes things really easy for us tourists. But. There are still some places that …

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