Hi, I’m Chris, and I’m the guy behind TravelJapanese.com.

My goal here is to help you, the budding tourist/traveler getting ready to hit the ground in Japan, to be able to better understand the (probably) foreign language you’ll be encountering every day. From signs and menus, to train annoucements, counting, greeting, ordering food, and just deciphering the every day all around you.

When you can understand even a little, and are able to communicate and understand even a little, your trip will be more enjoyable. How much?

Consider walking into a restaurant, and instead of just a blank stare and a few rough pointing gestures at the menu, you’ll be able to maybe read it a little, and order without too much confusion. Or be able to better find that tourist spot by reading the signs that are only in Japanese.

There are so many reasons why you’d want to hit the ground running with even a very basic knowledge of the language.

I started learning Japanese back in the late 1980’s, while I was still in high school. Japan was getting ready to take over the world and I figured I’d better get on board. Then the bubble burst, and pretty much everyone, including myself, forgot about Japan.

Then in the mid 2000’s, I started picking it back up again. In 2009, the thought occured to me.

“I should go to Japan.”

And that was it. Since then I’ve been back a total of 6 times, and have picked up studying again.

Am I fluent? Will I be able to teach you to be fluent? No. Sorry.

But, with any luck I can give you just the knowledge you need to make your trip just a little less stressful, and a lot more enjoyable.